Master's Program

The purpose of our master’s degree program is to produce highly skilled professionals. Our goal is to deepen, extend, and update students’ knowledge and at the same time to develop their mathematical skills in current areas as well as in applications of mathematics to other areas of scientific and technology research. When students graduate, they may opt for in teaching, working for a company or a carreer in a service field. This program lasts for two years and students have two options in which to graduate: basic mathematics and computational mathematics.

The program is registered in the National Postgraduate System (SNP) of CONAHCYT.

The Master’s degree program is available at both the Federal District (Zacatenco) and Queretaro campuses of the Cinvestav.

Admission Requirements

Applicants for the Master's program must send the following documents via Internet before the deadline:

• Professional Resume/Curriculum Vitae
• Certificates/Diplomas in mathematics courses or similar subjects (in case of not having the certificate or diploma, you can submit a letter from the university or the last grade report from the bachelor degree program or official academic transcript).
• A letter expressing why you want to pursue a Master’s degree in our department, stating whether you choose a Master's in computational mathematics or a Master's in basic mathematics.
• Two letters of recommendation from mathematicians expressing the candidate’s mathematical skills and academic level, providing enough information about the content in the accredited courses (e.g. textbooks used).

Admission Exam Date

First friday of june, First friday of november.

Application Form Reception Timeframe

One month before the exam

Admissions page here

CONAHCYT Scholarship

It is necessary to have completed a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics or similar major to apply for the scholarship.

Beginning of Term

Last week of january, mid-august

Notes on the admission process

• Once a candidate is admitted to the Department of Mathematics, he/she has one year to enroll in one of our programs of study.


For further information contact:

Academic Coordinator’s Office
Dr. Carlos Pacheco
Phone: +52 (55) 5747-3870
E-mail: cpacheco [@]

Admissions & Student Services
Roxana Martinez
Phone: +52 (55) 5747-3870
E-mail: roxana [@]

Thesis Director

Once admitted, candidates will be assigned a Professor from the Department as Counselor. Students can request a different Counselor at any time. Before the first two semesters conclude, the student will be assigned a Thesis Director related to the student’s interests. Upon this assignment, the Counselor’s work concludes and the Director will overview the development of the thesis.


Basic courses:

Regular courses:

The grade scale is numeric: 0 to 10. Minimum passing grade is 7.0. The minimum grade to get a credit from a course or seminar is 8.0

The basic exams only have two grades, pass and fail.

A grade before 7 warrants expulsion from the program.

Permanence Requirements

• All students must enroll each semester in at leat one course or seminar, unless they are on temporary leave.

• The student must take two basic exams in the first semester, they will be withdrawn definitively if they do not pass at leat one

• The student will be definitively withdrawn if they do not pass three basic exams in the first year.

• A student cannot be enrolled in the program for a total of more than of three years.


The Spring semester starts on late january and ends late may.
The Fall semester starts on mid-august and ends mid-december.

Propaedeutic courses in june and july

Requirements to obtain the Degree: Basic Mathematics and Computational Mathematics

Comply with the general regulation on postgraduate studies.

• Obtain credit for three basic courses in the first year. The student must enroll in at least two courses in the first semester; he/she will be removed from the program if he/she does not obtain credit for at least one of them during the first semester.
• Obtain credit for eight courses (four can be basic) and a thesis seminar. For Computational Mathematics at least three must be computational oriented.
• Demonstrate ability to translate mathematics texts in English.
• Write a master’s degree thesis and to defend it in a final examination.
• Obtain a final average of at least eight.