Beltrami Equation Solver Screenshot

is an application program for Linux which can also be used in Windows/macOS via a hypervisor.

reads a user-defined text file defining a Beltrami coefficient (in the disk, half-plane or plane) and solves the corresponding Beltrami equation, representing the solution graphically. The user may download the numerical data of the calculated triangulation.

Beltrami Equation Solver screenshot


  • Download the Linux executable and copy it to wherever you want (no other installation is required, except that it may be necessary to execute chmod +x ./beltrami before the first use).

    MD5 checksum: 56209245c75f67c1b0fcf737ec2af93f

    To run it, either (1) locate the file in a file manager and double-click on the image, or (2) open a terminal, navigate via cd to the directory containing the file and type ./beltrami

  • Instructions for Windows/macOS users

    User's Manual

  • A beautifully written pdf document


  • A zip file of sample Beltrami coefficients (the examples described in the documentation): unpack and save the included directory as ./examples/ where ./ is where you put ./beltrami

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