Oaxaca, Mexico, January 11-15, 2013

This conference is dedicated to some of the subjects developed by Lev Sabinin (1932-2004), namely non-associative algebra and its connection to differential geometry and Lie theory. 

It will be held in the Old Archbishop's Palace (now belonging to the National Autonomous University of Mexico and hosting the Beatriz de la Fuente Library). See map.

The conference is being organized by

  • Vyacheslav Futorny (IME-USP, Brasil)
  • Rolando Jiménez (IMATE-UNAM, México)
  • Jacob Mostovoy (CINVESTAV-IPN, Mexico)
  • Peter Plaumann (UABJO, México) 
  • Liudmila Sabinina (UAEM, Mexico)
  • Ivan Shestakov (IME-USP, Brasil)
  • Efim Zelmanov (UCSD, USA)


updated 08.01.13