José Ádem Memorial Lecture Series 2015

Prof. Mohammed Abouzaid
Columbia University, USA
April 7-9, 2015
Department of Mathematics, Cinvestav-IPN

Lecture 1: Lagrangian Floer cohomology

April 7, 2015. Department of Mathematics, 16:00 hrs.

Abstract: The first lecture will introduce the key players in Kontsevich's homological version of the mirror symmetry conjecture: coherent sheaves on one side and Lagrangian manifolds on the other.

Lecture 2: Family Floer cohomology

April 8, 2015. Department of Mathematics, 11:00 hrs.

Abstract: I will explain the interaction between homological mirror symmetry and the ideas of Strominger-Yau-Zaslow explaining mirror symmetry in terms of dualising torus fibrations. This gives rise to the idea of Family Floer cohomology, wherein one produces coherent sheaves by considering Floer cohomology groups in which Lagrangians vary in families.

Lecture 3: Mirror symmetry and non-commutative geometry

April 9, 2015. Department of Mathematics, 11:00 hrs.

Abstract: The relevance of these ideas for generalising mirror symmetry beyond the commutative case will be discussed.