October 31 - November 6, 2016. Institute for Geometry and Physics Miami-Cinvestav-Campinas. Los Cabos, México

Late fall 2016 north american experts in algebraic geometry will converge in Puerto Escondido to discuss the state of the art in several current subjects in the field as part of the activities of the Institute for Geometry and Physics Miami- Cinvestav-Campinas.


Phillip Griffiths "The role of curvature in algebraic geometry: Some history and recent issues "

Invited Speakers:

Pedro Luis del Angel "A going up Theorem for higher Chow groups"
Vladimir Dotsenko "Noncommutative M{0,n+1 }"
Javier Elizondo "The Euler-Chow Series and Cox rings"
Alexander Efimov "Logarithmic Hochschild complex"
Xavier Gomez-Mont "The Bilinear Forms in the Jacobian Module and Binding of N-spectral chains of a Hypersurface with a Isolated Singularity with Multiplication by f"
Eduardo Gonzalez "Quantum Kirwan for Quantum K-theory"
Paul Horja "Spherical Functors and Stability Conditions"
Rita Jimenez "Cohomology and point-counting over finite fields"
Dmitry Kaledin "Witt vectors, commutative and non-commutative"
Nikita Kalinin
Gabirele Kerr "Mirror symmetry of elementary binational cobordisms"
Timothy Logvinenko "Generalised braid category"
Cesar Lozano Huerta "Birational geometry of two classical parameter spaces"
Lucia Lopez de Medrano
Mikhail Polyak
Victor Przjalkowski "Calabi—Yau compactifications and Landau—Ginzburg Hodge numbers"
Manuel Rivera "String topology coproduct: geometric and algebraic aspects of chain level constructions"
José Seade "An improvement of Rochlin's signature theorem in the case of complex surfaces"
Calos Simpson "Points near infinity in moduli spaces of local systems"
Tom Spaide "Shifted Symplectic and Calabi-Yau Structures"
Pablo Suarez "Poisson structures on broken and wrinkled fibrations on smooth 4-manifolds'"
Vladimir Vega "The category of super almiares"
Alberto Verjovsky "Foliations by hyperbolic surfaces of 3-manifolds"
Ilia Zharkov "Tropical Prym Varieties"

A Miami-Cinvestav event Organizing Committee:

Elizabeth Gasparim
Ludmil Katzarkov
Ernesto Lupercio

This event is sponsored by the Fordecyt-Conacyt and the Simons Foundation.