Student Seminar

The Department of Mathematics, Cinvestav-IPN invites you to the Student Seminar. This seminar is held every 15 days, on wednesdays at 16:30 hrs, at the Auditórium José Ádem, Mathematics Department, Cinvestav-IPN.


§ Toeplitz matrices and symmetric polynomials

December 5, 2016
Room 131, Department of Mathematics, Cinvestav-IPN, 16:30 Hrs.

Mario Alberto Moctezuma Salazar

Abstract: Toeplitz matrices has been studied in the last 100 years, for it’s mathematical properties and the several applications.

In this talk we focus, mainly in a very known tool which is Vieta’s formulas, then we will remember some specific symmetric polynomials and in more detail talk about Schur symmetric polynomials, which is a very useful tool in combinatorics.

We will give a relations between this concepts with Topelitz banded matrices, finally will give one of many results that one can obtain through this concepts.